I am tired. I am drained. I am tired of seeing my people in pain.

I cannot look at my computer screen without feeling sadness, fear, anger.

It is hard to comprehend the ignorance of other’s, it is hard to see that people do not want to understand our pain or perspective.

It hurts to see that those I saw as friends, viewed as allies in this world are in fact my enemies because they do not like my people, they do not like the color of my skin, they believe that I am “not like them”.


I am a black woman, I am amongst the most educated, unique, talented , BEAUTIFUL group of people in the world, yet I am undervalued and mishandled because of the color of my skin, the texture of my hair, the flare of my nose, the curvature of my hips, and the roundness of my lips.

I mourn for the black men we have lost. For my baby brother who may never know a world that doesn’t require him to constantly look over his shoulder.

I am afraid. Every time I see a police car or an officer I tense up. I don’t trust those that are suppose to protect us.

I am a woman who has experienced police brutality.

I am a black woman that knows if they kill me, most likely there will be no march for me. There will be no hashtag , no memorandum. There will be no justice, only pain for those I leave behind.

My race and sex combined says this response is just fine.

Police brutality happens in our communities EVERYDAY, not just to our black men; to our WOMEN, to our CHILDREN without reason.


and I am freaking TIRED of it.





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