Quarantine has been… interesting to say the least.

Three months of little to no activity and very few responsibilities. To be honest I never realized how much of my life is spent on the go. Between my job and attempting to keep up with a social life I had very little time dedicated to just being with me. In the beginning, things were rough. My job placed me on furlough the same day that the city of New Orleans practically shutdown, originally for two weeks. I went out to Baton Rouge to “play house” with my then fiancé who was still working everyday, even more than he was before due to the high demand on those working in the medical field. In the beginning all I wanted to do was relax, but as the time off continued to extend I began feeling restless. I started taking on daily duties that I would normally find to be annoying just to feel useful; packing lunch, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, doing laundry , etc. These task made me feel more like a maid then anything so I decided to throw myself 100% into collecting since that is what I LOVE to do.

Collecting normally comes easy but after the first two weeks of writing a piece a day I realized this would become more of a task as I was now replacing my entire life with one aspect of it. In edition to this , most of the moments I collected had been based on experiences outside of my home, completing activities such as enjoying dinner at a local restaurant. Now I would have to reach within to find inspiration. I found myself taking a lot more time to meditate, spend time with the Creator, and I was able to produce content at a rate that I never had before.The first month for Mona’s Moments quarantine edition was excellent, I achieved the best views in the history of this blog during that time . I was ecstatic and inspired.

Suddenly, life became a little more interesting….

A few weeks before quarantine I became a fiancée. Yes, my on again/off again boyfriend of five years finally proposed and I was on cloud nine. Everything seemed surreal but after being placed on furlough and essentially living together during this time things became quite stressful. After about a month, l bounced on from Baton Rouge to the little town of Franklinton where I was excited to enjoy time with my family and take a break from the four walls of the tiny apartment I began to feel trapped in. Less than a week after I left, he experienced some health issues that caused an extended hospital stay and I was not able to communicate with or be granted information on what was going on with him. This caused an immense amount of stress and anxiety; between trying to pretend nothing was going on to my family and trying not to fall apart, I felt as tho I was going to combust all day everyday. I had no release, I could not write, at times I felt as though I couldn’t breathe. Eventually I broke and responded in ways deemed inappropriate by future in laws. This resulted in an ultimatum that bought forth the demise of my relationship.

My entire world had been flipped upside down. Two months into quarantine and I had not been home, I still didn’t have a job, and now my relationship had come to an end. There was literally not a piece of normalcy around me. So for a weekend I returned home. It’s amazing what just being in my own space, seeing the faces of my friends, and driving on familiar streets did for me. I finally felt like I could think and breathe again. It was time to realign, refocus, and remember who I was. This meant getting back into the routine of meditating, aligning myself to hear from God, and simply taking care of myself in the way I always should have. It didn’t take long before I was able to write, collect, and even push myself to do things I’ve envisioned for this brand since it started two years ago. Over the past month the level of self work and self care has been at an all time high. I can’t say Im where I want to be but the amount of progress that has been made would not be possible if we weren’t quarantined.

As crazy as quarantine was, I must admit that I am beyond grateful for it. The pause from life gave me time to gather rest desperately needed, place value on my brand and exercise my God given gift to write , as well as facing the music on my relationship and take the time to realign. In real life, real time, this would have been way too much for me to bear but I didn’t break.The last twelve weeks have honestly felt like a year, the woman I am today I can’t say I was before this. I have grown, evolved, and I am proud of that. Now I have returned home permanently in preparation to return to work this week. Thankfully I am being eased back into things and not forced to work full time just yet.

Quarantine was exactly what the doctor ordered. Removing all possible distractions had to happen in order for me to truly be able to deal with me. I must admit I feel somewhat apprehensive to be back to life. I did enjoy my time with family and all the moments I was able to be one with nature in the country, on the water, and with my dog. I will make the conscious effort to incorporate those things into my daily life instead of making them into a distant memory. I look forward to continue collecting beautiful moments as I return to Reality.


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