Moments that Matter

There is so much going on in the world around us right now. In our very communities things are shifting and changing. People are fighting for equality and others are still afraid of the pandemic. Not to mention the loss of lives on all ends which is been beyond depressing.

I am torn between being inspired by the revolution and viewing the response to it as tragic. Every day more ignorance is revealed, more hate is uncovered, violence inflicted on my people and it is a lot to deal with mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Personally I am drained, I stand with my brothers and sisters and I am so for the sharing of information on the movement and details on how to make a change but I need more visible positivity.

Let’s return the images of black love to our social platform, our children, happiness, giving back to our community in addition to the movement. Let’s spread love and light, these collectively are the moments that matter. These moments not only bring comfort but they are reminders of why this movement is so important, for the future and furthering of our communities. These moments are about the next generation.

Share love, positivity, and light. Share the moments that matter.

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