June 16, 2019

I walked to the lake today, contemplating jumping in

Knowing that I will drown, aware that I can’t swim

I’ve reached an all new low, one that I can’t escape

How many more stupid decisions do I have to make?

Another fake friend ?

A fresh heartbreak?

More lessons learned?

How much does it take !

My heart is tired of me, she has sunken so deep

I have no more love left to give , not even for loving me

It’s a sad day in my world , only grey, black, and blue.

Yellow, what happened to you?

I gave you everything I had and you forsake me still

You were the sunshine , the ray of light, the much needed break from the dark night

Just as the sun rises , it also sets, and then comes a beautiful mess

There is still some yellow mixed with orange and red yet it is clear that a dark night is ahead

The transformation is painful to watch but beautiful still

Soon it turns pitch black , all beauty now killed

I stare at the lake , under a still black sky , wondering if I’ll choose to live or die

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