A Father’s Love

This piece has been sitting in my drafts since January 26,2020

The day Kobe Bryant passed away

I revisited it again on February 8,2020

My Father’s Birthday

I mourned Kobe for a few reasons, I was a true fan, he was an icon in my eyes, immortal even which made it more difficult to process. I think this is the same for the rest of our nation.

When I began to think of the daughters he left behind I was broken down in an entirely different way. Clips began surfacing on social media of he and his daughters. We were able to see him support his girls, and speak on them as if they were the light of his life. For weeks I was sick behind this tragedy. Yes it was sad, and shook the world  but I was truly, truly in mourning and couldn’t understand why it was so hard for me to process this. I realized that this made me think  of my own father. Basketball has always been OUR thing, he is a fan of Lebron James and our friendly rivalry about the two is normally heated but hilarious.

Today, a few days before fathers day and here I am reflecting once again.

I don’t know a world without the man that bought me into it and I don’t even want to imagine it. I have always been a Daddy’s girl and know without a doubt that his  love for me is absolute and without condition. My daddy will always be my protector;  he always comes to my rescue and takes so much pride in being my father.

Today I am not in mourning, I am grateful that God blessed me with someone like my father and gave us such a great bond. A man that is dedicated, driven , passionate, and committed. I love you , you will always be my favorite guy.

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