Simple Things

love. peace. rest. laughter.

The simple things in life that are super sweet!

One thing that this year has taught me is to acknowledge , embrace , and enjoy the simple things in life. The breathe that we breathe is not guaranteed. In a time when death seems to be lingering in the air and around every corner, the very things that we take for granted should be held close.


Hold your loved ones close. Tell them how you feel and show them what they mean to you.


Protect your peace at all cost, no situation or person is worth loosing it.


Sometimes you have to pause on life, on goals, on friendships , and that’s okay. Take care of you, stay in tune with yourself, and when your body or your mind needs a break, REST!


Laugh at yourself, find humor, focus on the moments that make you smile. Laugh like there’s no tomorrow!

I’ve realized that once you learn to appreciate the Simple Things , life becomes much more sweet.

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