As a person that is very much in touch with my emotions, I feel everything so deep and so intensely. Those feelings are real; they are genuine and they deserve to be acknowledged. There are people who are unable to connect with themselves and others emotionally that would characterize the simple human act of feeling as crazy. I have been very sensitive to this word not recognizing that this is simply a way to demean and discredit the thoughts and feelings of one. When I was called crazy I immediately felt negative thoughts and feelings. I allowed myself to believe that what I felt was wrong, that expressing my thoughts and ideals was off. I allowed myself to be diminished in fear of how I came across.

Mad. Insane. Demented. Deranged.

This is what I was hearing, I questioned myself wondering if something was really wrong with me. One day I woke up and decided that in this new level of life, the words of no person on this planet will be allowed to dim my light. The old saying that misery likes company are actual FACTS. Sometime people see in you things they admire, qualities and traits that they envy but rather than they express that or even attempt to model it in their own lives they will try to diminish you. Dont allow yourself to join them in misery, stay CRAZY!

Passionate. Fanatical. Enthusiastic. Eager.

I am passionate about feeding my community!

I am fanatical when blessed with great new ideas!

I am enthusiastic about collecting beautiful moments!

I am eager to learn all that I can and embrace the experiences life has to offer me!

I am CRAZY , unapologetically.

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