You are the Sun.

I am a Grey’s fanatic.

In early seasons we watch Meredith and Derrick fall in love but not without plenty of hiccups and drama. A major story line on the show was the wife of Derrick showing up and presenting him with divorce papers ,making the decision on ending their marriage his choice. He was torn between Meredith and his wife Addison. This left Meredith feeling insecure and brought forth one of the most popular lines from the show.

” Pick me, Choose me, Love me.”

Many of us may not have ever said this exact phrase but we’ve taken this approach in our romantic relationships, friendships, in our professional environments; feeling the need to be chosen or validated by the people in our lives regardless of what they may or may not add to your life. While it is not abnormal to feel this way , it is also important to not allow yourself to be devalued in the process.

We all want to be picked, chosen, and loved; but sometimes the person that needs to do the picking is us because the people we give that power away to are undeserving of it.

So what if Derrick chose Addison.,

If your boss doesn’t see how hard you’ve worked for that promotion,

You and the person you love are growing apart,


In the words of Christiana Yang, YOU ARE THE SUN!

Your world should revolve around you and that does not mean be a selfish being but it does mean stop waiting for others to pick, choose , and love you. Choose yourself every time, love yourself to the fullest. You are worthy of love and respect simply because you breathe. Require that the people in your life not only believe the same about you, but treat you as if you are quite literally … the sun.

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