The cold front we are experiencing has blessed us to enjoy a nice chill in the air.

On the first official day of Fall it actually feels like it in the beautiful city of New Orleans , Louisiana. 

The atmosphere is shifting down here as we enter into our new season.

I was not ready for fall. All weekend long I had plans to visit the beach, wear my cute summer outfits and I was not able to. I did not let go of Summer gracefully. I attempted to hold on to the past season longer than I should have. I found myself playing catchup, looking for clothing to fit the season , a sweater to keep me warm. My unpreparedness even with all the warning from news anchors about the cold front made for a more difficult transition. 

This is comparable to life. 

Holding on to past seasons when its time to transition can be detrimental. In this case I was simply cold but when applied to life this can cause you to over stay the time period you are graced in friendships, relationships, on your job, at church, and any other real life scenario. 

When the atmosphere begins to shift, prepare yourself to walk into your new season. Dont miss out on the beauty life has to offer you simply because where you are is still comfortable. The transition will happen, whether you are prepared for it or not. 

Walk into your new season gracefully.

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