My mentor recently said to me ” There has to be a time in your life that’s all about you, now is that time” . When she said this I felt as tho I had been hit in my gut. I realized that I was committed to walking in a state where my every move was about someone else. I was a slave to my relationship, my job, my family and practically everything in my life except myself. No one was forcing me to do anything and this state of being was no ones fault but my own. I was not doing the things I needed to do for myself, I wasn’t taking care of Jane’t.

When I took a moment to put things in perspective I realized just how much of myself I had given away. How much my beautiful soul was lacking and this was all my fault. The same zeal and attentiveness that I was giving towards the lives of others I should dedicated at least some of it to my own life. The problem here is that it feels good in the moment to be there for someone else. Creating and assisting in other peoples beautiful moments or simply being a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on does add purpose to your life. If you have the soul of a fixer or healer then you absolutely understand the sentiment.

Sometimes we have to take a step back and reevaluate. Ask yourself a few questions, “Am I in the position to help out this person? Do I currently feel whole physically, mentally, and spiritually? Will I be able to spread positive energy? What is best for me ?”

The last question resonates with me the most, it is so important to actually sit down and think about what is best for you! You must be a priority in your own life. Michael Hyatt once said “You cant take care of anyone else until you first take care of you”. I have found this to be true. Pour into yourself, discover what it is that you want and need out of life and from those around you. Learn to listen to yourself and your body; take a break from people when you need to, turn off your phone. Enjoy your space, enjoy your life, make time for YOU.

There has to be a time in your life that is all about you, I choose now.

When will YOU?

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