Prayers for you.

I prayed for you.

When I was a little girl I always wanted to be a big sister. Jazlyn has been around for as long as I can remember but she’s independent, and practically my twin. In her I received my best friend but I wanted a sibling that would need me. Along came BJ….

BJ was always been the sweetest and most sensitive little boy. Filled with love , hugs, and all the feelings in the world, he made me feel like a big sister . He depended on me , he looked up to me, and he would even harass me on occasion but never did he need help with his hair or ask me to polish his nails. I wanted a baby sister.

So I prayed for you …

I still remember the day that dad and CeCe told us you were coming . I was shocked and excited . Your life alone taught me at the young age of ten years old that God answers prayers. I never painted your nails and wasn’t too good with combing your hair but you were always sure to let me know that you needed me in your own ways, what I didn’t expect was to need you.

Your gentle cuddles were everything I needed.

Your bright smile made me warm inside.

Your bold personality could take over a room.

There is no one in my life who hasn’t been affected by Ja’Da. Your strength, endurance, and fight has made me feel proud to call you my sister. When we felt discouraged you fought on , when you were in pain you hung in there, when it looked bad to everyone else you pushed through.

We prayed for you.

I believe you taught us all that God answers prayers.

From two days to fourteen years, that’s only the work of God.

Now our only prayer is that you no longer suffer.

God answers prayers.

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