Week 35

This week was extremely difficult. Every morning was hard to face and getting through each day was tough. I cant even put a finger on a specific reason why because there are so many reasons why. There were plenty of moments I found myself saying ” there’s so much going on”. I guess the correct way to describe what I felt would be overwhelmed, absolutely overwhelmed.

My business had a record breaking week, month actually. At this time my personal and professional life outside of Mona’s Moments is way too hectic for me to sit down and really absorb this. In this moment, writing this piece, is the first time I realized or acknowledged that this week was not all bad. I had a win, a beautiful moment, a huge moment. Maybe if I had noticed this sooner I would have looked at this week differently. Maybe not.

As I am still clearly trying to navigate my way through this life one thing I know for sure that gets me through the week are collecting beautiful moments. This past week I collected not at all. Isn’t it intriguing how easily the ugly aspects of life can take over without actively searching for the positive, the beauty?

I must create my positive space.

I will collect beautiful moments, no matter how busy I may be.

This piece is not for inspiration.

This is simply my release.

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