As a child I only knew communion to be the sacred breaking of bread and wine between Jesus and the disciples before his Crucifixion that we commemorate in remembrance of him after asking for the forgiveness of our sins. It was not until my senior year in high school that I realized this act , although sacred can be used to refer to something as simple as dinner with your family.

the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level.

Once I became more aware, I realized that meal times are actually quite sacred. People tend to discuss important business, family matters, and personal life details over dinner, lunch, or coffee. A lot of marriage proposals have taken place over a meal, and after weddings and funerals there is always food for people to gather together socially. When thinking of the holidays we spend with our family or friends, there is typically a feast. Years ago I decided that the act of communing was one I was not willing to extend to those I don’t trust or want to know on a personal level.

What I didn’t realize was how much I enjoy communing with those that I love. Sunday dinner with my family after church, breakfast with my grandma, coffee with my daddy, dinner with my girls, each of these moments means the world to me. I never leave from these encounters empty; always learning something new , experiencing laughs, and bonding with the people I love most in this world. I have spent so much time this week cherishing this act.

Take the time to communion with the ones you love. Laugh with them, love on them, collect and cherish those beautiful moments. These are the most sacred ones you can possibly have.

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