The Fight

I have a friend that I have watched fight a war for the last three years. This is a war with many battles coming back to back. He had moments when he was tired, weak, and worn; there were times when he gave up. He threw in the towel ready to quit. Each time he was able to find his strength and always got back up swinging, ready to win the war.

I’m not sure if given the same trial or test I would over come. I don’t know that had I not witnessed his fight and willingness to overcome any obstacle thrown his way that I could have those ideals towards life. I would not know what it takes, until I faced my own fight. Many of us don’t until we have to fight for our own lives, our sanity, our happiness. Fighting for your life, fighting for yourself is probably one of the most difficult things you’ll ever have to do but once it’s been achieved, you realize just how unstoppable you are.

Those are the moments that teach you with God on your side, you may be allowed to loose a battle, but you could never loose the war. So keep fighting for yourself, keep praying, fasting, doing the self work. Build your spirit man up and walk like the giant the you are. You are on the way to your victory.

Fight on.

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