Hard Place

There’s a song that I absolutely love by the artist HER that simply gives me all the feels. Its title, hard place. When I first heard it , I felt as tho she was speaking to the relationship I was in. I would sing my heart out every car ride, screaming to the top of my lungs. I felt her words to my core.

Wanna believe what you say
But I hate you on most days
You’ve been testing my faith and my patience, yeah
And you know that I be headstrong
But you know that you be dead wrong
Telling me to relax when I’m reacting

But as the song goes on she speaks about sacrificing her needs for someone else. Originally listening to the song I thought “Oh not this part, I’m not not choosing someone else over my own heart”. Recently I had to choose the needs of someone I love over my feelings and immediately I heard these lyrics in my head. My heart was hurting , literally, but it was what she needed.

And if I have to choose
My heart or you
I’m gonna lose, yeah

Sometimes it hurts to give the people we love what they need. Granting them time, space, saying goodbye… these things are not always easy to do. When you step back and think about what that person needs and realize that in the end you will be okay it is a less difficult decision to be selfless.

The Hard Place is momentary, In the end you will be okay.

We will be okay.

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