Beyond the Moment

If blowing things out of proportion was a person, it would be me. In my immaturity I have responded to moments out of my emotions just to later reflect on situations and realize I overreacted. Emotional maturity is my krypton night. This has caused me to learn a lot of lessons the hard way, damage relationships , hurt others and myself.

My momma said to me ” Baby , you’ve got to think beyond the moment”.

The irony here being that my entire brand, entire focus has been about living in the moment. Taking things moment by moment rather than day by day to truly experience life’s beauty but sometimes its necessary to think outside of that.

How will this moment affect the next? The future? Someone else ?

This helps to put yourself in check, realizing that this decision may feel right in this moment but a year from now it can affect your life in a negative way. This could also be the best choice you’ve ever made but sometimes we have to pause in the moment, take our emotions out of it, and analysis where we are and what the best possible outcome should be. Thinking beyond the moment helps to not only have beautiful moments but to end up with the best possible moments.

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