Status Quo

My family is one of educated people. Both of my parents have multiple degrees, my sister is working on her second, and my baby brother is preparing for college. I remember back in high school understanding that it was an expectation for me to obtain a degree rather than an option but knowing in my gut that I was not interested. I was obsessed with the beauty industry, I wanted to become a licensed master cosmetologist and own a chain of salons and day spa’s. Although my parents supported this dream, they still believed that I needed to obtain a degree. In my attempts to please them I went for it.

Along this journey I have made friends and met quite a few people. My friends are doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, and pharmacist. I am proud of them all but for a long time I felt as tho I did not measure up because I didn’t have the same achievement. I never owned one salon and I never got that degree. My interest changed and my heart was never in working toward either one of the majors I attempted. I took some breaks from school and still continued to jump back in but the passion just wasn’t there.

I asked myself “Why are you doing this? Why are you continuing to force yourself to do something you do not want to do?”. I realized that it was more about my insecurities, my fear of not measuring up that reach all the way back to being a little girl than it was about earning a degree. I had waisted years of my life and created debt for something I did not want all because I was trying to measure up to the status quo. I decided no more, my new goal was to find my passion because in my opinion if it wasn’t passion or purposed then it is a waste of time.

In my quest I rediscovered my passions ; writing, inspiring, entrepreneurship, and helping those in need. I finally feel passion and fulfillment and know without a doubt that I am operating in purpose. At this point, I still don’t know where school and I stand but I can say if I were to make the choice to go back to school it would be purpose driven rather than just to meet the status quo. My major would be a true reflection of my heart and I would not walk that path unless I was sure and had the intentions on completing it.

Don’t try to live your life to the status quo. Live your life in a way that is pleasing to God and yourself. Take the time to discover who you are and what it is that you want out of life and want to give to the world. Stay in tune with yourself and the father to find what you are purposed to do. With this foundation, you are sure to create a life filled with beautiful moments that are not just pleasing to the eye, but to your soul and spirit.

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