My Voice

This means so much to me.

The first presidential election I have ever participated in.

Four years ago I requested an absentee ballot from the city I grew up in , Norcross Ga as I was still a resident there.

It never came.

My vote was suppressed.

Four years ago I went with my cousin Alexis as she was sent back and forth between two different locations attempting to vote but was given the run around.

She was never allowed to vote.

Her vote was suppressed.

This happens to so many people, a right we have as American citizens being taken away from us. I felt angry when these things happened but I also felt guilt bc I did not exercise my right.

This year I was determined for my voice to be heard. So I changed my residency and decided to participate in early voting regardless of what the wait time may be.

Today I cast my vote in the 2020 presidential election and I can say that I feel empowered and excited knowing that no matter the outcome of the election, my voice was heard.

Early voting in Louisiana is open until October 27th and of course Election Day is November 3rd.

If you haven’t yet, Let your voice be heard.

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