Don’t Touch My Crown

“My hair is my glory, my hair is my crown “

Together my hair and I have been through so much

Momma almost poking my eye out when washing it.

My scalp being pulled too tight when getting braids.

Burns on my ears and scalp from the hot comb.

The time someone relaxed my hair then braided it causing all of my hair to fall out.

Getting perm burn due to not telling momma that the relaxer was burning my head.

Finally getting my hair to grow down my back.

Back for some heat damage.

And don’t forget the bleaching without treatment.

And the glue ins that pulled my hair out.

And the wigs that ruined my edges.

And all the chops and pixies in between.

We have been through everything.

Although I am not my hair , she means so much to me.

Especially now that I am committed to this natural hair journey.

Two and a half years in.

When I rock my fro , the unmelanated always want to see what it feels like.

She and I have experienced things you could never understand .

Don’t touch my crown.

She is my glory.

She is sacred.

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