Every year in November social media comes up with some fun challenge playing on the NO in NOvember.

No shave November.

No make up November.

I’ve participated before but this year I decided not to. I really just was not in the mood to follow whatever social media’s trend is. Last week I was once again putting myself in the position to be over extended. Once I realized I had done this to myself, I had a moment of frustration. I thought, what if I just work on saying NO?

NO to my job when I feel over extended.

NO to my friends when I’m not in the mood.

NO to my ex with he tries to drain my energy.

Just, NO.

This NOvember I’m saying NO to the people in my life in order to continue to grow. For years I’ve neglected my own needs of self care and decompressing while prioritizing the needs of others.

NO more.

I am my own priority and eventually I’ll stop feeling guilty for taking care of myself.

This NOvember , and every day of the year, learn to say NO. Everyone and everything else can fall in line, become your own priority.

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