Without you

We’ve joked on how terrible this year has been. We have experienced a great deal of loss, but because of you we have still had victory. Somehow through every mountain and hill to climb , we’ve made it, with only one month left in this year. Embarking on this holiday season, a glimpse of joy and happiness that a lot of people didn’t live to see.

As I reflect on this year, this song continues to play in my head.

Oh the glory of Your presence
We Your temple
Give You reverence
So a rise from Your rest
And be blessed by our praise
As we glory in Your embrace
As Your presence
Now fills this place

Through all the loss, the heartaches, the death , the brokenness , you have kept us here. You have kept our minds, you have saved our lives, you are mending us back together.

With heavy hearts God we are thankful. Without you , without the glory of your presence , where would we be? Not in sound mind, not at peace , and certainly not actively healing.

In this season of thankfulness , I am thankful for you. When I feel like I can’t breathe , you breathe for me. When it seems like the anxiety attacks won’t end, you get me through it. When I believe that making it through a shift at work is impossible, you walk with me hand in hand until the very end.

I look at my life , look at this year, look at the past 30 days and know that without you, there’d be no me. So I praise you.

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