If you’re a natural girl who has ever experienced heat damage then you understand the fear of getting a blow out or silk press and washing your hair a few weeks later waiting for your curls or fro just to land on stringy, spongy, unhealthy hair. I’ve been there personally and I know just how disheartening this is. Doing the big chop, fighting with your hair, waiting for it to grow just to end up back where you started.

I fought with my natural hair the entire time we were quarantined. Cut it, braided it ,twisted, and everything else I could possibly think to do to it and it was a STRUGGLE. When hair salons opened in June I couldn’t wait to get someone else in my natural hair. The last six months my hair has been seeing Brittany Jordan of Selfish Vanity Salon whose entire brand is based on ensuring the health and wellness of her clients hair. I have experienced tremendous growth and increased hair health. I believed it was time for a silk press.

Brittany came through , slayed my hair as usual. Although I was thoroughly pleased with how gorgeous and silky my hair was I couldn’t help but to be nervous about whether or not my hair would revert back to its original state. Well three weeks later on Thanksgiving morning I decided to wash my hair and I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited to see my Fro as I was this day.

She reverted back ! No straight ends, no spongy hair , no heat damage. My hair came back to being herself in just one wash. I am so ecstatic but I am also aware that I must make sure I take really good care of my hair if I want to have a healthy and beautiful silk press again next year. Until then, back to protective styles and my monthly visit to Selfish Vanity.

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