When you continue to stay in a place or position that you have no longer been graced for … things fall apart. Examples of this would be being prompted by our “conscious” (God) to quit a job, distance yourself from a friend, or exit a relationship. Rather than making the choice to walk away, sticking around for whatever reasons. Now the grace we have for each of these scenarios has run out and what could have been peaceful transitions and on our terms we’ve now been fired instead of quitting, had a friend violate us in order for distance to be created, or have a tumultuous break up that should have been amicable.

Aligning yourself with the purpose and plan for our lives puts us in the position to continue to grow in God , our spirit man , and increase in the earthly realm as well. Place yourself in a position to receive direction and once you do , take it! Walk in the purpose you were given without struggling with it. Line yourself up, Align yourself with the word and will of God. Life won’t always be easy but will see things work out in your favor when you operate in God’s grace, timing, and align with his plan.

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