For the last seven years of my life I have felt lost. I had one plan, one vision of how my life would look and not only did that not come to pass but I realized that the vision I had wasn’t actually what I wanted. The major problem with this was I didn’t have a clue of what I did want. So I tagged on to ideas of what I thought sound good, things that I could possibly see myself doing or being interested in. None of it stuck. I had no passion or real interest. I was lost.

I began to look around and see my friends and family find their paths, yet I could not find mine. Here I was deep in my 20’s with no degree, a mediocre job, and no real plan. I started to question myself, what was so wrong with me? Why was I so behind in life? What was I made to do?

I wondered if I should be here at all.

Days felt long. Nights felt longer. All I did was wander.

I began to search and ask God for answers. Finally he revealed to me my purpose. As I walk in and understand different aspects of it I feel more and more fulfilled everyday. There’s no greater feeling than going from feeling lost to feeling found; from wondering if you should be here at all to walking in purpose.

I am no longer a wanderer but rather purpose driven, actively healing, and working on the development of myself spiritually , mentally, and soon enough physically as well.

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