Mental Health

Discussing and being open about mental health is not only taboo in the black community but in the Church community as well. When you are feeling certain things prayer is suppose to fix you. I believe in prayer , I believe in God, I believe he heals . I also believe that God gave man knowledge to give us tools to help us.

God created lawyers.

God created doctors.

God created therapist.

God created you.

He knew what we would need before we were even formed therefore the tools are there, so use them. Yes pray. Yes believe. But also take action. Just as you care for your self spiritually and physically the same must be done mentally. Don’t be afraid to admit you’re not okay. Seek help, attend therapy, take your medicine! That doesn’t make you crazy or abnormal. It makes you just as real and normal as the rest of us.

I am finally in the place where I have decided to be real about my mental health and actively seek help. Using the tools that God has given us paired with prayer and trust in him I know I will be just fine.

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