It’s not easy to find fault in yourself . It’s not easy to admit that sometimes , you were the cause and the reaction. Somethings we bring upon ourselves and sometimes the hurtful actions of others we’ve allowed. We teach people how to treat us and are often unhappy with the result. We become upset and angry when other people don’t prioritize us over themselves because that’s what we’ve done for them.

It’s so easy to blame the world when we go through. To find fault in everyone around us. I have absolutely found myself doing this at times. The truth is , in order to fully grow and be the person you were destined to be, in order to heal from past hurt and negative situations; you must take responsibility for the roles you’ve played in your hurt. You have to be able to face the mistakes you’ve made. To look at self destructive actions in the face and say , “yes, I made this error”. Then grow from it, do the work ! Take responsibility for your own life, healing, and actions.

In the end this makes you the best version of yourself that you have the ability to be. It also helps you to value yourself more because you worked too hard to love yourself to not require that same love , respect, and value from others.

Grow in love with yourself.

Take responsibility , for you!

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